Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Punching Above Its Weight, Little-Known Pointer Telocation Has Multi-Bagger Potential

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  • Pointer is a high quality business with recurring revenues, growth, profitability, and scale.
  • Pointer trades at a low multiple in a growing industry that has high multiples.
  • Pointer’s growth and margin plans, newly invigorated investor relations efforts, and acquisition potential are reasons we expect Pointer’s share price to appreciate materially.
  • We provide an interview with the company’s CEO.
Introduction. Pointer's (NASDAQ: PNTR) modest market cap of $57 million makes the company easy to overlook by investors. But those who take the time to look behind the market cap will find a profitable and growing company with over $100 million in sales, $9 million in cash, and innovative technology in a hot industry - and it just happens to trade at around 7x earnings.

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