Monday, January 6, 2014

SuperCom CEO: We Just Tripled Our Revenues And We're Only Getting Started

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Every once in a while we walk out of a first meeting with a management team and are interested in immediately buying stock in the company they run. That was the feeling we had the first time we met with the team from SuperCom (Nasdaq: SPCB). We were so intrigued by our initial visit that we followed up the next day by returning to their office for a second meeting. Weeks later we became one of the company's largest shareholders.

What we saw, and still see, in SuperCom is the rare combination of:

  • a highly incentivized management team with a track record of building shareholder value
  • a corporate turnaround to which the market was giving no credit
  • an acquisition (now complete) of the company's largest competitor that nearly triples the revenue base and grows EBITDA 2.5x
  • a recurring revenue model with long term visibility
  • a loyal customer base that's extremely sticky
  • growth opportunities that offer the prospect of multiplying the top line
  • a very low valuation

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Ur-Energy: A Uranium Giant In The Making

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Are you interested in hearing about a hot stock in a roaring sector? The kind that breaks new highs on a daily basis with huge momentum and strong analyst support behind it? If so, read no further. 

But if you are interested in a flat stock in a hated and misunderstood sector where you have the chance to make a highly contrarian investment that just might work out far better than anyone is anticipating, this article is for you.

Read our full article about about the undiscovered company that is expected to produce 20% of US uranium supply in 2014.

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