Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let’s Go!

Our first post!  Well, our first post after our legal disclaimer and contact info.  We are in the age-old business of investment management, but thought it would be fun to use technology to share some of our thoughts and interact with the investment community.

This is a new initiative for us and we are excited about it.  Besides this blog, we also are kicking off a Twitter feed. We plan on writing about stocks, the market, investing, the Broncos, and anything else we find interesting. 

Lazarus is a ten-year old investment management firm based in Denver, Colorado.  We run two different investment strategies, one with a domestic micro-cap focus and one with an all-cap Israel focus, so you can expect to see a lot in those areas. 

We are long term, fundamental investors and don’t short.  We love talking about stocks and spend our days in search of the next great investment idea.  Keep an eye on this site and you’ll get to know us better through our work.